Superior Sales and service.
Started looking for a bike a mo or so ago. We live in MN and were down here to spend time with family. We had been looking for a bike to do motorcycle ministry. We started looking and ran into Ted. He was one of the best guys I had met. As we walked around both my wife and I had seen the bike. Ted worked with us showed us everything about it share his story with us. He really felt like a long time friend more then a salesman. Ted and the Amy worked with us for a long time and then we decided to take the night to think about it. By the morning we decided that it was the right decision. He Amy and Adam did an amazing job making things easy. The parts and clothing department were also great as they work though dealing with us. We have put 200 miles on it and now will be headed back to MN. Love the bike but the experience there was better then any hd dealer Ive ever been to. Thank you Cannonball hd for everything. You have a life long customer 700 miles away. (Employee: Ted Shafer)
Tom sopkowiak
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