My Satisfaction with Cannonball Harley-Davidson
I have bought two new motorcycles from Cannonball Harley-Davidson since they have opened and taken over the business. At first as you were getting settled in I had several issues and a lot of problems that were to be expected when a new business first opens. I have seen a whole complete turnover in physical appearance to the Dealership and its associates. The service department is a lot better since Rachel has been there. She has got me results and found answers for me I couldn't get before. I am satisfied with my service on my 2019 Electraglide Ultra Limited when I have it done. No problems and if I have a question Rachel answers them with information I am satisfied with. No run around or side stepping, if she doesn't know at that time she will find someone that does know or she will get back with me when she gets the information. I am satisfied with the service department. I have no problems with the clothing department. When I am looking for something I want and can't find it the associate in that department always helps me find it. If the don't have it they will look online and see who has it and they will either tell me where to get it or they will have it delivered to Cannonball and I can get it when it comes in. It's always nice to do business with associates that know their business! I dropped out of the rewards program and haven't bought nearly as much from Cannonball because of your new rules. I used to be able to save my rewards and make purchases within the store when I wanted to use my rewards points. I can't do that now. The new rules says I have to use my rewards points within 2 weeks or lose them. I don't go to any store usually within two weeks of being there. I don't have the incentive of coming back so I don't. I now purchase items I only want or need when I want or need them. I used to come in and buy things just to run up my rewards points but that incentive is gone now since I may not be back in within two weeks. I may not want or need anything within a two week period so there is no sense in staying with the rewards program. I like the old rules of building up my rewards points and not having a time limit on when to use them. Overall I like coming to Cannonball Harley-Davidson and talking to the associates and staff. It is a good experience.
Roger Hughes
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