I made an appointment to get my oil changed. Upon arrival, they immediatly started to work. Since I live out of town, I hung around the dealership while the service was performed. During that time, I think I was approached by every team member asking if they could help me with anything. Some even offered me water when they learned I was waiting on my bike to be serviced. Each team member went out of their way to make me feel welcome. While the bike was being serviced, a problem was discovered that would require parts to be ordered before the service could be completed. Without hesitation, I was told Rob would drive me the 50 miles back home & that he would then deliver my bike back home to me when the work was completed. Rob has a very engaging personality that made for a pleasant ride home. I expressed to Rob several times how I appreciated the friendly staff at Cannonball. (Employee: Rob Galbraith)
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Dave Dillier
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