Excellent Service
I had my motorcycle serviced before I went on vacation then went 5,785 miles out to the west coast and back without a problem with my bike. Service discovered I needed a new front tire and worked it in before the trip. They also found a short in my wiring that was making my headlight go off and fixed that also before the trip. Thank you Cannonball Harley-Davidson for a great service job that I had no problems going over 5,785 miles without a problem. I had my bike serviced again when I got back in 12 days. They worked me in and I am still riding a great 2014 Electraglide Ultra Limited that I purchased new from the same place. I enjoy going to Cannonball Harley-Davidson in Terre Haute, Indiana, the people are great and the service is top notch. Jacob Ashba was the technician that serviced my motorcycle, thank you for the great job. (Employee: Jacob Ashba)
Roger Hughes
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